The Prime Minister has laid out a plan to bring the ban of Petrol & Diesel forward by 10 years to 2030.

Mr Johnson has called it "The Green Industrial Revolution"....

This ban comes along with a new 10 point plan set in place to meet the UK's zero emissions goals by 2050. The Prime Minister has said this will bring almost 250,000 more job opportunities- awesome!

Given that internal combustion engine vehicles still represent the majority of vehicles driven on U.K. roads, there are clear hurdles to overcome if the 2030 target is to be met. Getting every single manufacturer on board and ready will require a huge effort all through the supply chains, this will include an improvement in faster charging and range extensions.

Road transport is the single largest contributor to the UK's carbon emissions, and little to no progress has been made to reduce transport emissions says Think Tank.

“Reducing car emissions means reducing petrol and diesel car miles travelled,” said the report. “These miles will mostly be replaced by electric car miles, but they could also be reduced by modal shift including public transport as well as cycling and walking. The Department for Transport must work with departments across government to ensure that policy supports a reduction in petrol and diesel car miles.

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