Car dealership volunteers run transport service to Covid jabs

Due to the current lockdown, we are using our demo cars to transport North Norfolk residents to their Covid vaccinations as well as delivering food packages for residents that are unable or do not feel safe to travel. 

Our staff have kindly volunteered to 'Cromer Cares', who are coordinating with the Covid response team in our area, as well as the local foodbanks. 

Kevin Abbs, our Managing Director said: "With the restrictions on showrooms and maximising flexi-furlough my colleagues have volunteered their time and both Nissan & MG offering the use of their demos."

"It would appear there is quite a shortfall of transport available. We had an immediate response from Cromer & have several cases to take just this week already along side a great response from the food bank."

You can see a couple of news articles here:

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