Since lockdown, people all around the UK have been using their cars far less than normal.

Some of us haven't used our cars at all, some for short trips to the supermarket or to work.

Let's look at our top tips...

  1. Keep your tank topped up with fuel to limit condensation in the tank
  2. If you own a petrol or diesel car, start your vehicle up once a week and allow to run for around 15 minutes (Attended at all times) to keep the battery charged and to avoid a flat battery.
  3. Avoid parking under trees to reduce the chance of bird lime and tree sap damaging your vehicle's paintwork.
  4. If you own an EV, make sure you put your car into ready mode to operate the charging systems, try this for 15 minutes a week should keep your 12v battery topped up.
  5. Again if you own an EV, refrain from using your telematics/connected services whilst the vehicle is parked up as this can cause unnecessary drain on the battery system
  6. For your EV's high voltage battery, we recommend you keep your car's battery between 50-80% of charge. Don't leave your vehicle plugged in once the high voltage battery has finished charging.
  7. Keep your tyre pressures at their highest recommended levels and try to park in slightly different positions to prevent flat spots.