IA Electric Vehicles have arrived at Crayford and Abbs

If you are looking for an incredibly cost effective way to improve transportation for your business then look no further than the EC35 Van and Crew Van

Making the switch to electric simple, accessible and sustainable.

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Electric benefits without the price premium

From just £15,995 +vat*

*after Government Plug In Grants

Let us simplify the switch to electric for you, unlocking lower total cost of ownership.​

166 mile Electric Range (WLTP)

60 minute charge​

5 Year warranty

8 Year battery warranty


Lower Running costs

There are significant savings to be made in the cost of charging an electric van versus refuelling a petrol or diesel van. Charging your vehicle is considerably cheaper than refuelling, and as there are fewer moving parts in an EV than a standard internal combustion engine, servicing costs less.

Better Driving Experience

Electric vehicles are quieter and smoother to drive compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. They also offer instant torque, which means that they are more responsive and accelerate faster.

Government Plug-In Grants will cover 35% of the purchase price

Several schemes are available to make the switch to electric more viable for businesses. The Government’s Plug-In Van Grant, applicable our electric vans, contributes 35% of the purchase price up to £5,000.

Exempt from Ultra Low Emission Zones

IA vehicles also help you save if you’re regularly driving in Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) or any of the new Clean Air and Low Emission Zones now live and being proposed across the UK. With the London Ultra Low Emission Zone due to expand significantly from Central London in October 2021, IA vehicles can access the ULEZ without paying the noncompliance. If you drive a daily commute in London's ULEZ zone, it could cost you up to £375 a month.

For more information and to arrange a viewing and demonstration please contact

Rupert Fox on 01263 588160 or rupert@crayfordandabbs.co.uk

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