Receive a new car every 3 years, with all your servicing and maintenance, insurance, tyre and windscreen replacements, breakdown cover and road tax completely taken care of.

How it works

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The Motability scheme is a government backed initiative that helps anyone receiving a qualifying mobility allowance with over 12 months left get mobile by exchanging their Motability allowance to lease a brand new car on Motability.

To check if you are eligible to start receiving this allowance and access out offers you can visit the Motability website.

Alternatively you can speak with one of our Motability experts who would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about choosing your car or about the Motability scheme.

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We have four great cars models available for no additional cost or many other great options you can have for a small advanced payment. See below to browse all our great Motability offers.

This is all your car issues in one place sorted for you, the only extra thing you need to pay for is fuel.

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