We are accredited detailers in Matrix Ceramic Coatings, this means not only are our valeters trained & skilled in ceramic coating, we can also offer you an 8 year warranty. Ceramic Coating enables your car to look its best and keep in 'showroom condition'. MATRIX ceramic coatings provide water resistance to weather, abrasion, marring, temperature, chemicals and contaminants forming a strong bond to the surface they will not melt, crack or wear off. Whilst being weather resistant, it also gives the vehicle a deeper gloss shine, enhancing the sleek finish and the depth of the colour.​

8 Year Warranty

From Just £795

Full Valet included as well as buff out if needed.

Ceramic coating includes:

  • Paintwork – Ultimate shine, ultra hydrophobicity and super slick finish
  • Glass – Ultra hydrophobicity and dirt repellence
  • Interiors – All round protection for fabric, vinyl and upholstery
  • Carpets – Protection against everyday stains and spillages
  • Seats – Multi surface stain resistance for leather, alcantara and others
  • Wheels – Ultra hydrophobicity and dirt repellence