Motability customers can explore a range of special offers on our brand new MG cars. If you are eligible for the Motability Scheme, you are entitled to take advantage of our exclusive MG Motability offers. These offers are designed to deliver more for your money and make the Motability Scheme worry-free lease package even more affordable.

Many of our MG Motability offers give you the option of not paying an advance deposit, which means you can get on the road with no upfront costs. Your mobility allowance covers the weekly lease rental, and if you opt for a cheaper model you may even have money left each week.

The lease includes road tax, insurance, aftersales servicing and breakdown cover, so all running costs except fuel are covered by a simple weekly payment. Nissan engines are highly fuel efficient, and if you opt for one of the many economical models on offer then you can minimise the amount you spend on fuel.

You can find out more about how the Motability Scheme works and which MG Motability offer is right for you by speaking to one of our Motability advisers. They are specialists who can help you choose the right car and understand how your lease and finance options work. To arrange a meeting with one of our Motability experts, please enquire by phone or via the contact form on the website. Our Motability dealers is located in Bodham.

DLA = Disability Living Allowance

PIP= Personal Independence Payment

AFIP= Armed Forces Independence Payment

WPMS= War Pensioners Mobility Supplements

T/A= Total Allowance


MG3 Exclusive 1.5 Petrol Manual
MG Exclusive 1.5 Nav Petrol Manual
MG ZS Excite PetrolManual
MG ZS Exclusive Petrol Manual
MG ZS Excite DCT
MG ZS Exclusive DCTPetrol Automatic 
MG ZS EV Excite Zero Emissions Automatic
MG ZS EV Exclusive Zero Emissions Automatic
MG HS Excite 1.5T Petrol Manual
MG HS Excite 1.5T Petrol Automatic
MG HS Exclusive 1.5T Petrol Manual
MG HS Exclusive 1.5T Petrol Automatic
​MG 5 Excite ​Electric ​Automatic 
​MG 5 Exclusive Electric ​Automatic ​

DLA, PIP or AFIP holders

£0.00 £56.75
£199.00Full Allowance 
£0.00Full Allowance 
£299Full Allowance
£499Full Allowance
£699Full Allowance
£0Full Allowance
£299Full Allowance
£0.00 Full Allowance
£199.00Full Allowance
Full Allowance
£999.00 Full Allowance
​£699​Full Allowance 
​£1,099Full Allowance

WPMS Holders

£0.00 £56.75
£0.00 £64.59
£0.00 £63.28
£0.00 £65.26
£0.00 £66.58
£0.00 £67.90
£0.00 £63.26
£100 £65.26
£0.00 £63.28
£57.00 Full Allowance
£0.00 £65.92
£157.00 Full Allowance
£0 £67.90
£157.00 Full Allowance

Need Adaptions Made? No problem...

We have a wide range of adaptations are available to make your new Nissan perfect for you, many of which come at no extra cost. To find out more, please contact us on 01263 588160