MG ZS EV Introducing the MG ZS EV Starting From


The New MG ZS EV is the Family-friendly electric car

Designed for those wanting the advantages of zero emission, without compromising on style or size!

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Powered by a 44.5kWh water-cooled, lithium battery you can enjoy a driving range of up to 163 miles from a single charge! 

The ZS EV delivers 353Nm of instant torque and with 105kW of power, the equivalent of 143PS.

The MG ZS EV comes in two different trim levels:

Excite from £22,495

  • MG Pilot
  • Keyless Entry with Push Button Engine Start
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • 8" touchscreen with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • Houndstooth Fabric Upholstery
  • 17" Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • LED Daytime running lights
  • Rear Parking Sensors
  • I-Go In-Car Navigation
  • Hill Launch Assist

Exclusive from £26,995

In addition to the Excite:

  • Rain Sensing Wipers
  • Panoramic Sky Roof
  • 6-Speaker Audio System with 3D Sound
  • Rear Parking Camera
  • Leather Style Upholstery with Contrast Stitching
  • Heated Front Seats

The MG ZS EV comes with MG Pilot as standard, find out more below:


At speeds below 12 mph, the car will automatically apply its brakes to avoid a collision with a vehicle, bicycle or pedestrian. At speeds above 12 mph, AEB will reduce the likelihood or mitigate the severity of an accident.


The clue is in the name! Lane Keep assist uses a camera to detect lane markings ahead and monitors the vehicles position within the lane. When the function detects the vehicle is about to unintentionally move out of its lane, it warns the you.


Monitoring the road ahead, as long as the road ahead is clear it will maintain the speed set by the driver! If there's a a slower vehicle in front, the speed will automatically be reduced to be within a safe distance of the driver ahead.


When adaptive cruise control is turned ON, traffic jam assist continuously analyses the speed of the vehicles around you and compares it with your vehicle's speed.

If the car is going 35 mph or less you can activate traffic jam assist and then the car will automatically follow the vehicle in front, controlling its acceleration, braking and steering within the same lane.


This system helps keep lookout when you're changing lanes. Whenever there is a vehicle in the driver’s blind spot, a visual signal will show next to the door mirror.


When your lights are set to 'auto', the system automatically switches to low beam when it detects a car ahead.


The car actively detects speed limit signs and alerts you of the current speed limit.

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Exterior Everything about the exterior of the MG ZS EV feels inspired. From the new star-rider grille to the swept-back signature headlights, this sleek, bold design looks right at home on smart city streets or off the beaten track.
. The Smarter way of driving The MG ZS EV is the first MG to include MG Pilot, this is standard in both trims. The new technology is packed with safety features such as: Active Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Jam Assist, Blind Spot Detection as well as intelligent high beam assist.
. Plug in & Play Plug in and play with the slick place the charging point is located on the vehicle. To enable charging of your vehicle, go to the front of the vehicle, lift up the MG badge and right in front of you, will be the charging points ready for the EV to charge.
. Have it all... MG have placed some very vibrant colours on this vehicle to make it as eye catching as possible, from the solid Arctic White to the Tri-Colour Dynamic Red, each of the metallic & solid colours complement the body of this vehicle to give you that feel good factor as well as keeping you eco-friendly!
INTERIOR The ZS EV comes as standard with a simple to use automatic transmission, controlled by a rotary gear selector in the centre console. Engineered to provide ultimate refinement in all driving conditions, owners benefit from a stress-free driving experience over long distances, and in stop-start city traffic.
. What's inside the cabin? Inside, you'll find beautifully soft material and a crisp 8" touchscreen display, giving you that extra luxury. The display offers you Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as I-Go In-Car Navigation to give you media based control and entertainment for them longer journeys.
. The Panoramic Roof Our Exclusive trim levels comes with a beautiful panoramic roof! Providing you with a heaven of light coming from the top of your vehicle- The panoramic roof allows you extra light into the cabin and extra air when driving as this roof opens up half way! Perfect for them warm summer days.
. Driving Modes There are three driving modes on the new MG ZS EV — Eco, Normal and Sport, allowing the car to fully adapt to your everyday driving needs. And finally, three steering modes — Urban, Normal and Dynamic, for a nimble and adaptive driving experience.