MG 5 Find out everything you need to know... ... About Europe's First Electric, Estate Car

Meet Europe's s first fully electric, fully loaded estate car: The MG 5 EV

The MG 5 gives you more everything. More Space AND More Technology.


MG's Brand New, all-electric vehicle is finally here, the fantastic MG5. The MG 5 is the first all-electric, SW estate vehicle in the European market!

The MG 5 is spacious and practical and has over 250 miles all-electric range.



Up to 5 passengers can travel in comfort, with ample boot space for everyone's luggage. 

With 464 litres of boot space with the load cover or 578 litres retracted back. 

You can then drop the seats 60/40 split and you've got 1,456 litres for everything from suitcases to a boot full of shopping. ​


With a lithium-cooled battery 61.5kWh battery, taking you up to 250 mile range on a single charge.

You won't spend much time off the road either, with the battery able to charge from 10% to 80% in under 40 minutes, using a 100kW CCS rapid charger.

The MG5 EV Long Range has also been designed with smart features to make the most of your range. The three levels of regenerative braking increase efficiency and optimise battery charge. And with Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes, the MG5 EV Long Range can adapt to your journey and driving style.



The MG 5 keeps you connected, with features such as: 8" colour touchscreen, Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, Reversing Camera, Sat Nav and more. 

Not to mention MG Pilot, giving you more confidence on the road. ​


High Tech Driving Technology.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Monitoring the roads ahead, the ACC will maintain the speed set by the driver. If the system does detect a vehicle in front slowing down, the vehicle will naturally release from the accelerator or engage the brakes, in the same sense if the vehicle in front speeds up again the accelerator will be added to get back to the speed set by the driver.

  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist

This system is used as a reminder to the driver to try and reduce the risk of going over the speed limit. The system is ultimately, constantly checking for speed signs giving you a visible warning when the speed limit changes.

  • Intelligent High Beam Assist

When the headlight high beam is set to 'AUTO', the system will automatically switch to low beam when detecting a vehicle ahead. Enabling driver's to make the most out their high beam.

  • Active Emergency Braking (AEB)

At speeds below 12mph, the brakes will automatically apply to avoid collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian. At speeds above 12mph, AEB works to reduce the likelihood of collision.

  • Lane Keep Assist (LKA)
    • This uses a camera to detect lane markings ahead and monitors your position within your lane. When the function detects the vehicle is about to move into another lane without indication, it warns the driver visually, audibly and vibrates the steering wheel. The car will also control steering to keep you within lane.

      • Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)

      This system works alongside the ACC. Continuously analysing the speed of the surrounding vehicles, comparing with the speed of your own vehicle. If the system detects traffic ahead slowing down or a dense amount of traffic, you can turn on TJA. TJA follows the vehicle in front, accelerating or decelerating when needed and keeping within your lane.

      MG PILOT


      All new MGs come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty as standard, along with an extensive anti-perforation and paint warranty.

      This comprehensive 7 Year Warranty gives you the peace of mind in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your vehicle. Terms & Conditions do apply.