New MG ZS EV Find out more about this incredible car... The 100% Electric SUV

Meet the Brand New MG ZS EV

Packed with technology, practicality and affordability.

With iSMART Technology, fast charging and up to 273 miles range on a single charge, the MG ZS EV has so much to offer.


​Along with fantastic range, comes fantastic design. The grille-less front gives confidence with sharp LED lights to bring the look together. 

The charging point can be found to the left of the badge, opening to the side for easier access. 

Design of MG ZS EV
Interior of MG ZS EV


With leather-style upholstery and and an opening panoramic roof. 

Immerse yourself in your favourite tunes with a 3D 6 speaker sound system. Your smartphone can sit in the wireless charger as well as 3 USB spaces for any other devices you may need. 

Not only that, the touchscreen display houses your Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Satellite Navigation and more. (Trophy Models Only). ​


The MG ZS EV is powered by a water-cooled lithium-ion battery, with two battery options available, to find a driving requirement that suits you.

Both battery capacities offer fast charging. Plugging your MG ZS EV into a 7kW, domestic charger will take around 7 hours to full charger. With a rapid charger, from 10% to 80% will take around just 37 minutes.

You also have the benefit of regenerative braking, this is designed to extend your driving range.

Side view of MG ZS EV
MG Pilot


High-tech driving technology.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Monitoring the roads ahead, the ACC will maintain the speed set by the driver. If the system does detect a vehicle in front slowing down, the vehicle will naturally release from the accelerator or engage the brakes, in the same sense if the vehicle in front speeds up again the accelerator will be added to get back to the speed set by the driver.

  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist

This system is used as a reminder to the driver to try and reduce the risk of going over the speed limit. The system is ultimately, constantly checking for speed signs giving you a visible warning when the speed limit changes.

  • Blind Spot Detection

This system is to help you change lanes safely. Whenever there is a vehicle in your blind spot, a visual warning will pop up next to your driver's mirror.

  • Active Emergency Braking (AEB)

At speeds below 12mph, the brakes will automatically apply to avoid collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian. At speeds above 12mph, AEB works to reduce the likelihood of collision.

  • Lane Keep Assist (LKA)

This uses a camera to detect lane markings ahead and monitors your position within your lane. When the function detects the vehicle is about to move into another lane without indication, it warns the driver visually, audibly and vibrates the steering wheel. The car will also control steering to keep you within lane.

  • Traffic Jam Assist (TJA)

This system works alongside the ACC. Continuously analysing the speed of the surrounding vehicles, comparing with the speed of your own vehicle. If the system detects traffic ahead slowing down or a dense amount of traffic, you can turn on TJA. TJA follows the vehicle in front, accelerating or decelerating when needed and keeping within your lane.


Take control of your car to the next level.

Your iSMART App can give you information such as status, where your car is parked, nearby charging points and more.

You can even control your climate control system, making your vehicle cooler or warmer before even stepping foot in the car! Another bonus feature, you can even schedule when you want your car to start AND stop charging- How does that sound?

7 Year Warranty


All new MGs come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty as standard, along with an extensive anti-perforation and paint warranty.

This comprehensive 7 Year Warranty gives you the peace of mind in the unlikely event something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Terms & Conditions do apply.