MG Motor UK breaks even more sale records in Quarter 1

Last year, MG had a record-breaking year, with registrations in January and February 2022 totalling more than those for the whole of 2017.

2022 March Registrations of 9,367 is greater than the WHOLE of 2018!

We have seen a huge growth across all drivetrains that MG offer, with the MG ZS being MG's biggest seller.

Guy Pigounakis, Commercial Director at MG Motor UK, said: “We are absolutely thrilled with the results we have achieved in the first quarter and that the incredible momentum we built in over the course of a record-breaking 2021 has carried into the new year.

“We are particularly pleased because it means that our core message of cutting edge technology, great quality and exciting cars all at an affordable price is clearly resonating with our target demographic.”

He added: “With two important new models set to launch in the UK later this year we fully expect 2022 to be another year of spectacular growth.”

MG currently offer us 6 models in the UK including two, all electric vehicles, one plug-in hybrid and three petrol models. All with 7 years warranty!

We are so pleased to be part of the fasted growing manufacturer's in the UK and excited for what the future of MG holds.