Digital Service Records ​

It goes without saying that the main reason your MG is serviced, is to keep it in the best possible working order and to keep you safe on the road. You may also be aware that a fully stamped service book is of great benefit in maximising the residual value of your vehicle. However, the traditional stamped service book can often be lost or misplaced, so owners can find it difficult to prove their vehicle’s service history and warranty information.

When you visit your local MG dealer for a service, the details will be logged on our Digital Service Records system, meaning that you will be able to access the service history of your vehicle through a national database of MG dealers.

Having everything in one place means that your MG dealer will automatically know when your MG is due a service and they can notify you in advance. Plus, each time you have an MG service, you will be rewarded with free 12 months’ MG Assistance cover and a special edition MG Bear* – to say thank you for your custom.

We look forward to seeing you at your next service.