All new MGs come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty as standard, along with an extensive anti-perforation and paint warranty.In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your MG, you have complete peace of mind with your warranty.

What MG Warranty Covers:

  • Guarantees repair replacement or adjustment, free of charge, by an Authorised Repairer, of any part which fails during the warranty period, as a result of a manufacturing or material defect.
  • Guarantees paintwork repairs to defects such as blistering, peeling, cracking, discoloration or staining of the visible painted surface of the vehicle body panels occurring as a result of manufacturing or material defect.
  • Guarantees all ‘wear and tear’ items, (excluding tyres) that are subject to failure as a result of a manufacturing or material defect during the first 12 months of the Warranty period or prior to the first scheduled chargeable main service, whichever is sooner.
  • Guarantees any parts replaced under the terms of the warranty for the balance of the warranty period only.

Terms & Conditions...

MG Motor UK reserves the right to make changes in content, description or terms of the warranty policy if it’s deemed necessary by legislation or business objectives and agree to give MG Dealers notice of any changes. MG Warranty conditions require that: All claims are notified, diagnosed and repairs completed by an Authorised MG Repairer within the Warranty period.
When a defect becomes apparent you must report it to an Authorised MG Repairer. Your warranty may be invalidated if you continue to drive with a fault.
In the case of MG Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Claims will not be accepted if the high voltage battery has been opened or removed from your MG vehicle by anyone other than an MG Authorised New Energy Repairer.
• Warranty paint rectification must be carried out by an Authorised MG Bodyshop in line with the MG Body Repair Manual.
All repairs, damage rectification or fitting of replacement parts and accessories are carried out by an Authorised MG Repairer and in accordance with MG instructions.
• The vehicle has not been altered from the original specification, where said alterations maybe found to be the cause of any subsequent component failure. Issue 1 2/7 st September 2019 VAT Registration NO. GB 918 3998 70. A company registered in England with Registration No. 05779958
• The body panels are inspected annually throughout the warranty period by an Authorised MG Repairer (relevant paperwork completed and endorsed), and any rectification work found necessary is carried out in accordance with MG’s recommendations.
• The vehicle has not suffered from neglect, improper repair, or improper use, and has been properly cleaned, maintained and serviced in accordance with MG’s recommendations.
• Each main service is carried out within 1000 miles / 1609 kilometers or 28 days of the recommended mileage interval or service anniversary date as shown on the Service Interval Plan (within the service portfolio) and that the appropriate service record page is stamped and endorsed by the servicing agent. Whilst the warranty will not be invalidated if a non-authorised repairer carries out this work, Warranty faults resulting from work carried out by a non-authorised repairer may not be covered under the MG Warranty.
• Note: To qualify for the MG 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th year warranty, the vehicle must have a full and accurate service history, in line with MG Motor UK’s recommended servicing plan, using genuine parts and fluids to the correct specifications.
• If a defect arises from non-compliance of Manufacturer recommended service intervals and or Manufacturer recommendations for care and maintenance, the Authorised MG Repairer reserves the right to reject any subsequent claims.
• MG approved parts are used for repairs effected under warranty, except as an emergency repair, which must be made good within 14 days using components approved by MG.
• The vehicle is not used for rallying, racing or competition purposes of any kind.
• The vehicle is not subjected to any load heavier than the maximum recommended by the manufacturer. • The owner’s protection under the terms of the MG Warranty does not affect their statutory rights in law.