What is a Service Plan?

A service plan is an easy way to budget your servicing, by spreading the costs throughout your year- Just like you would with any household bill.

What are the benefits?

• Inflation proof servicing for the duration of the plan - pay for tomorrow’s maintenance at today’s prices

• Convenience of fixed, small, manageable monthly payments

• Removes large bills - The cost of the package eliminates maintenance budgeting worries
• The work is always performed by certified technicians
• Follows manufacturers servicing schedule
• Timely service reminders can be sent via e-mail or text to handheld devices*
• Only factory-authorised parts and fluids are used
• No cancellation, or plan transfer, fees.

What's included?

The cost covers the scheduled MG Servicing, covering parts & labour. It excludes anything not listed in the servicing schedule.

How do I take out the servicing plan?

Speak to our MG service advisor, Aaron either in our dealership or by calling him on 01263 588160. He will assist you in setting up your plan and answering any questions you may have.