You really can drive a Brand New Nissan Qashqai with a nil advance payment!!

We have the very latest Nissan Qashqai now on the motability scheme with a nil advance payment. Call us today on 01263 588160 to arrange an appointment with one of our Motability specialists. We can help you through every stage of the application process and get you on the road worry free in no time at all.

Nissan Motability in Bodham and Mundesley



The Motability Scheme makes it affordable and straightforward for people with disabilities to get on the road in a vehicle that is perfectly suited to their requirements. If you are eligible for the Motability Scheme, you can use your weekly mobility allowance to pay for the lease on a brand new Nissan car.

At our dealerships in Mundesley and Bodham, we have specialist Motability advisers who can provide expert assistance throughout the process.

From choosing the right Nissan model and ordering any necessary adaptations to taking delivery of your brand new car, your Motability adviser will be there to help you and answer any questions.

We can arrange for any modifications that you need to make your journeys as safe, easy and comfortable as possible.

Our Nissan Motability offers are available on many of the latest and most popular Nissan models. These special deals make it more affordable to access the perfect model for your needs, and many of them require no advance payment. With no upfront costs and fixed weekly lease payments that are covered by your mobility allowance, you can budget easily for your brand new car.

The Motability lease available on our vehicles is your ticket to hassle-free motoring. You make one simple weekly payment which covers the cost of road tax, car insurance, RAC breakdown cover and approved Nissan aftersales servicing. The only thing not included in the lease is fuel costs, and you can minimise your fuel consumption by choosing one of Nissan’s highly fuel efficient models.

The Nissan range has plenty to offer Motability customers, with cars such as the X-Trail offering class-leading interior space and a sizeable boot. The LEAF is an all-electric car with zero tailpipe emissions, costing just two pence per mile to charge at home. You can also choose from various compact, manoeuvrable cars such as the Micra and the Pulsar, which offer an effortless driving experience and great fuel economy.

If you are interested in leasing a Nissan car through the Motability Scheme, you can arrange a meeting with one of our Motability specialists to find out more. Please enquire at your nearest dealership by phoning or filling out the online contact form on the website. We have two dealerships, located in Bodham and Mundesley in north Norfolk, which are easily accessible by car and by public transport.