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Nissan ARIYA

A Force Of Wonder

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Performance ARIYA


Take your driving experience to another level.

E-4ORCE 5.1 second Sport
Drive 0-62mph Mode

E-4ORCE is a brand-new technology to Nissan, an all-wheel control system with dual electric motors delivering maximum torque, stability, and agility.

E-4ORCE will give you a newfound confidence on the road with the ability to switch control from the front to the rear wheels, giving you precise handling while independent wheel torque control counteracts over- or under-steering. This system will help to control the vehicle motion when your brakes are applied, giving you a more stable ride.



The ARIYA can alter the amount of torque put into each wheel, with the ability to respond to changing situations with balance.


Glide effortlessly. Whether you're entering busy traffic or accelerating hard, you will find the ARIYA remains flat and stable. You will also notice how incredibly comfortable you and your passengers are.


Snowing, Wet or Icy roads? With the ARIYA, weather has nothing on you.

e4ORCE's advanced powertrain and braking technologies help control and monitor all the wheels separately, so the ARIYA will move quickly with maximum grip.

e4ORCE technology
Range & Charging

Range & Charging

Not just an electric car, but a whole new way of driving.

With up to 310 miles range. You have a choice of two batteries and two, or all-wheel drive options giving you the range you want. Rapid charging offers up to 186 Miles in around 30 minutes.

BatteryHorsepowerTorqueTop SpeedWLTP Mile Range
63kWh 160kW/217PS 300Nm 100mph 250
87kWh 178kW/242PS 300Nm 100mph 310
E4ORCE 87kWh 225kW/306PS 600Nm 124mph 285

Safety Technologies

The ARIYA has great safety features such as Lane Assistance, Intelligent Around View Monitor and more. Including:

  • ProPILOT with Navi-Link

Follows the traffic, helping to keep you centred within your lane and using the mapping system to predict any ramps or curves.

  • ​ProPILOT Park

​With a press of the ProPILOT Park button, the ARIYA will take over the steering, acceleration, brakes and gear shift.

  • Intelligent Rear View Mirror

​You can now switch your rear-view mirror to a rear camera giving you better eyes on the road.

  • Intelligent 360 Degree Monitor

Parking made easy. With four cameras around the car giving you 360 degree vision around the car AND detects when objects are moving behind you.

Safety Technologies

360 camera

  • Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

This system will detect a vehicle in decelerating suddenly and will warn you to slow down.

  • Rear Automatic Braking

If the system detects something stationary behind your vehicle, the system will engage the brakes to avoid collision.

  • Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Recognition

If the system detects a risk of a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist, the system will automatically apply the brakes and will bring you to a full stop.

  • Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention

This system will detect vehicles in your blind spot when changing lanes. If a vehicle is detected, brakes will automatically be applied and guide you back.


Get the most out of your driving experience.

  • Nissan's virtual personal assistant

Your Nissan ARIYA understands demands in your language to deliver services you need whilst driving.

  • Two 12.3" displays

Share your key vehicle information between two, 12.3" displays, the infotainment screen and digital combi-meter.

  • Intelligent Route Planner

Set the best route, find locations for the nearest charging points on your route.


Missed our Nissan ARIYA Preview Event? Don't worry, you can watch a snippet of the event here...


    Removeable Tow Bar The Nissan ARIYA Removable tow bar allows you to tow with a perfect fitment and long-lasting performance.
    (Prices to be confirmed)
    Reversible Boot Liner Soft padding for that precious cargo, tough material on the flip side for dirty or bulkier items. (Prices to be confirmed)