Get your Car Winter Ready with these simple tips:

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Or we can do the Winter Check for you

1. Tyres

Your Tyres are the only connection to the road, therefore having healthy tyres is vital, especially in winter conditions.
To check this... Let us introduce you to the '20p' trick: Grab a 20p and insert it into the grooves of the tyres, if you can't see the outer band of your coin, your tyres are above the legal limit.

2. Wipers

Your Wipers are a necessity to your car, especially in the Winter being more prone to rain and potentially snow.

Make sure your wipers aren't smearing or streaming and that the rubber isn't splitting and secure. If you're not sure, pop in and see our parts department they would be more than happy to help!

3. Engine Coolant (Anti-Freeze)

Engine Coolant is the clear liquid that regulates the temperature of the engine so therefore is really important to keep on top of. Rather than opening the cap to the coolant, just check to see whether the liquid reaches the full line on the side of the coolant reservoir shown to the right.

Again, any help you need we are more than happy to help!

4. Lights

Legally, all your exterior lights must be operational this is even more important in the winter- This could be anything from a brake light to an indicator.

Check them regularly, make sure all lights are working.

5. Engine Oil

To avoid damage or a potential breakdown, check the engine dipstick regularly and top the oil up if needed.

If you need help with this or need a top up, we're happy to help!