If your vehicle is written off or stolen before you finish your finance, your car insurance may not be enough to repay what you owe AND replace your vehicle. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to cover this financial gap.


On average, 60% of new cars lose their value in the first 3 years. It is this depreciation that makes it unlikely for a payout from your insurer to be as much as you paid for the car.

If you have existing finance on the car, you risk having to repay more than the amount the car has been valued at by your insurer if:

  • Your deposit for your finance agreement was small
  • You're paying your finance balance off slowly
  • If your financial agreement has a big 'optional final payment

Without Gap insurance you could risk not being able to afford a new car. What's more, you could end up owing money on a car you no longer have.

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Teamed up with Nissan Finance, we offer Combined Gap insurance. Terms and Conditions do apply so if interested please contact your Sales Consultant:

ProductCombined GAP Insurance has been designed to cover the ‘gap’ between the greater of the motor insurance settlement or the market value of the insured vehicle and either the amount you paid for the vehicle, or the finance early settlement balance payable to the finance company if the insured vehicle is declared a total loss within the period of cover.
Features & BenefitsThere is no Maximum Vehicle Age

Dealer Fitted Accessories are covered

Additional benefitsCovers up to £250 vehicle insurance excess

Available for purchase up to 105 days after vehicle invoice date

Available for vehicles with a maximum net invoice value of up to £85,000

Maximum claim limit: £15,000

Vehicle must be insured under a comprehensive motor insurance policy

Provides cover for vehicles that have been written off or stolen

Transferable (subject to Ts & Cs)

Taxi’s Covered

Additional Drivers Covered (subject to Ts & Cs)