Nissan Warranty- Explained

With a range of warranty options to suit you, we give you peace of mind in the knowledge that you're extensively covered against most mechanical or electrical faults.

For Nissan's aged 0-3 years old: Nissan Care Warranty

For Nissan's aged 3 years or above: Nissan Care Extended Warranty

Nissan Care Warranty

For Nissan Cars aged 0-3

Nissan Care Warranty provides comprehensive extended warranty cover beyond the expiry of your standard vehicle warranty. It covers all original vehicle components* and is designed specifically for Nissan vehicles between 0-3 years old subject to age and mileage restrictions.

There are 4 options to choose from tailoring to your motoring needs from just £210:

  • 12 months up to 60,000 miles
  • 12 months up to 80,000 miles
  • 24 months up to 100,000 miles
  • 36 months up to 120,000 miles

Why choose Nissan Care Warranty:

Nissan Care Warranty gives you the following cover:

  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown protection
  • Protection for up to 3 additional years on top of the New Vehicle Warranty
  • Unlimited aggregate claims for replacement parts and labour, up to the purchase price of your vehicle
  • Cover for out of pocket expenses including Towing charges, Car hire – Overnight accommodation
  • Transferable benefits to a new owner if you sell the vehicle privately
  • Pan-European repairs at any authorised Nissan Dealership by trained technicians
  • Use of Genuine Nissan Parts for repairs

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Nissan Care Extended Warranty

Nissan Care Extended Warranty

For vehicles aged 3 or over

Nissan Care Extended Warranty can provide peace of mind against unforeseen mechanical or electrical failure. It offers the following levels of cover, dependent on the age and mileage of your Nissan:


Our highest level of cover protecting the majority of factory fitted, mechanical and electrical components on your vehicle (for Nissan vehicles aged 3–7 years old, having covered no more than 75,000 miles).


Offers a comprehensive range of component cover against mechanical and electrical failure (for Nissan vehicles aged 7–10 years old, having covered no more than 100,000 miles).]

Why choose Nissan Care Extended Warranty?

Nissan Care Extended Warranty gives you the following cover:

  • Settlements direct with your dealer (so you don’t have to fuss over claiming anything back)
  • Only genuine Nissan parts used for repairs (by expert technicians, maintaining your vehicle’s value and safety ratings)
  • Cover up to your vehicle’s original purchase price (VPP)
  • Application open to vehicles up to 10 years old
  • A great level of cover
  • Cover within the European Union Up to seven days’ vehicle hire if yours is off the road
  • Towing, overnight accommodation and onward travel cover included
  • Warranty transfer to a new owner if you sell your vehicle (a Nissan Warranty could even increase its value)

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