Nissan NT400 Cabstar

Nissan’s NT400 Cabstar is a favourite for many types of businesses. A large loadspace within compact dimensions, efficient engines, and excellent reliability are just some of the ways it beats rivals in completing the toughest jobs. 


The truck’s durable exterior has everything you need from a capable commercial vehicle. Its robust frame can withstand those light impacts that are almost unavoidable on site, and the large load area is equally strong. You can choose from a variety of styles depending on your business needs, including Chassis, Tipper, Dropside or Box Van.


The NT400’s interior supports you as you drive and when you need to work after parking up. Crucially for safety, a large windscreen and side windows help you to see more of your surroundings, and up to six are carried in the Double Cab. A foldaway centre clipboard tray in the back of the middle seat keeps important documents organised, and numerous other storage areas allow for more items to be close at hand.   

Performance and efficiency

Accompanying the three wheelbase lengths and various loadspace styles is a choice of three engines. Nissan has made sure they all offer enough torque to climb hills when the truck is fully loaded yet also return satisfying fuel economy. They include a 119bhp unit with five-speed manual transmission or 134bhp and 143bhp units with the same gearbox or a six-speed alternative.

Safety and technology

Nissan’s latest technology maximises the safety of you and your colleagues in the NT400 Cabstar while also protecting all other road users. Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) improves the truck’s stability by reducing loss of traction. It also prevents oversteer or understeer, which can contribute to a loss of control. Certain models feature a Limited Slip Differential which maintains drive when one wheel begins to lose traction.

Features most often found inside a Nissan passenger car have also been included in the truck to add more to your journeys. Bluetooth audio streaming comes as standard, while the optional front air conditioning system chills the cup holders and glovebox.

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